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Aaron Kaplan (Saxophone)


      Aaron holds a minor in music from Boston University and a Master of Arts in Music from UC Riverside. He is an active and dedicated teacher, performer, and composer in the Los Angeles area. Aaron has over five years of teaching experience in both private lesson and classroom settings and instructs on saxophone and clarinet. During lessons, he emphasizes all necessary skills to be a well-rounded musician, including tone, technique, theory, ear training, expression, improvisation, repertoire, and sight-reading. He imparts to his students a strong understanding of the fundamental elements of music and teaches them as a language. Aaron specializes in jazz and improvisation but is also experienced in various other styles including classical, rock, pop, blues, funk and r &b. He has performed with various jazz groups, rock bands, and funk bands over the course of his career.  His teaching philosophy centers on gaining an overall appreciation for music, enhancing critical listening skills, understanding an efficient physical approach to the instrument, and developing a personal passion and motivation for playing. 



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