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Airr Zhao (Piano)


        She has learned playing classical piano since she was 5, and played on stage since she was 6. She studied "Electronic Organ" in Central Conservatory of Music from 2005, and got the Bachelor's degree at 2009. She has participated hundreds of concerts, shows, and studio recordings during the academic period. In 2006, she held her personal Electronic Keyboard concert. In 2008, she won the "Silver Medal Award" in the "Professional Group" of "Yamaha Electronic Organ World Competition" of China region. After that, she was invited by Yamaha Music & Instrument Inc. as a keyboard performer to give a performing tour in major cities of China from 2008 to 2009. In August 2009, she left to LA for advanced studies in the major of Music Production and Sound Design. She produced and recomposed many works, such as "Red Tower", "Sunshine", "Flowers", "Flag's Song", "Rain, Fog, Wind", "Dusk", and etc.. Her music creating style combines the strict academism and unfettered personal inspiration; includes the encounters between Eastern and Western culture and the blend of classical music and contemporary music. Her unrestrained and vigorous music style that brims with talent is totally shocked, which goes by the name of "The Electronic Cloud".

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