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Analisa Corral

(Song writing/Vocal)


        Analisa is a recording artist,  songwriter,  and producer. She started her music career writing and releasing her first album, Wonderland in 2008 through the indpendent label, iMusicUSA. 

She is currently unsigned, and in the processes of recording and

co-producing her newest EP. 

       Originally from San Francisco, Ca, she now works in Los Angeles

as a freelance songwriter, vocalist, and violinist. She is currently working on projects in the LA area, and studying songwriting and audio production at Los Angeles College of Music. 

Analisa has trained her voice with noted professionals such as, 

Raz Kennedy,  and Mark Baxter. She has training in contemporary, and classical technique as well as the Seth Riggs method, and took vocal projection classes at the Diably Valley College Theater department


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