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Christina Chen (Piano)


           Christina Chen is an award winning composer, pianist, and educator. Active as an in demand composer in Los Angeles, she has scored over thirty films and received awards Cannes Short Film Corner festival, LA Independent Film Festival, as well as her being premiered around the world. She began her piano studies at the age 4 and began performing at the age of 7, winning numerous competitions and recognition for her talent.


            She completed her piano performance degree from University of Auckland, New Zealand. She also has been trained and certified by the Associate Board of the Royal School of Music in solo piano and theory education, the Yamaha School of Music in education and perfect pitch training. Her passion for music education and piano performance led to her directing her own piano studio since 2004. She has taught all ages and skill levels, her dedication to her students and their learning is the utmost of importance.


            Christina arrived in Los Angeles in 2010 and maintains a busy schedule of teaching piano and film composition. Her career has led her across the world and garnered her the attention of some of Los Angeles and New York’s most successful independent film makers.

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