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Liang Zhao (Acting)

Director of StarFactory Acting & Music Academy


        Ms. Zhao is a professional actress who has played numerous

roles in the past 8 years and has appeared on stage, in film, in 

commercials, as a newscaster, and on TV.  Her many years of 

experience also include producing, directing and cinematography for film.  


        As an actress and with her broad experience in film, Ms. Zhao 

developed a strong understanding of how to communicate as an actor through speaking, intonation, body language, and even 

silence.  She came to an understanding that communication as an actor requires not only a sense of the emotion and message of 

the playwright but also an understanding of the culture and target audiences.  Knowing these things enabled her to influence 

audiences deeply and communicate with other characters 

effectively.  As an acting instructor, Ms Zhao brings her deep 

experiences and talents to the student.


Summary of Acting Experience-- Film and Stage 

     Byocia- First Priza, Shanghai International Film Festival in 2009

     Dancing for you


     Twelfth Night, Othello

     Romeo and Juliet

     Runaway Bride


     I love Mozart, etc.



     M.A., New York Film Academy--Acating, Directing, Cinematography and Production.

     B.A. in performing Arts from Fudan University - Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.



     The Best Actress of Los Angeles Independent Film Festival .

     Winner of Image Ambassador for Shanghai Huangpu Model Network.

     Talent Prize of the Internet Film Performing Competition.


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