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Natalia Spadini




      Natália Spadini is a singer/songwritter based in Los Angeles. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, she started to work with music at age of fourteen, singing in hotels and private events in the city as a lead singer of a brazilian pop quartet. She has a Bachelor of Science in Music from FAAM (SP-Brazil) major in vocal, and she is graduated of the Los Angeles College of Music where she has a Diploma in vocal and performance.
          She has a lot of live performaning experience, including three seasons singing in cruise ships around South America, and also singing in weddings, events and restaurants in Brazil and Unitade States. She started teaching vocal technique, music theory and performance in 2008 in music schools and privately.
         Natalia is a versatile singer, who likes to perform styles such as Jazz, Pop, Funk, Rock and Brazilian Music. She is going to release her debut EP of samba this year (May 2015).


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