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Yakub Saputra



      Yakub Saputra is a talented pianist, composer, conductor, and producer. His musicianship spans a wide variety of genre, including Jazz, Fusion, Gospel all the way into Classical and Orchestral realm with a strong scent of his Indonesian root. Yakub Saputra started his musical journey playing church music at an early age and later continued his serious Classical Piano training. Yakub Saputra's growing interest in Orchestral sounding, led him into autodidact orchestral composition, and founding and conducting his very own SMAK PENABUR Gading Serpong High School Orchestra which garnered recognition including performance for Swedish Ambassador for Indonesia. Despite enjoying composition as a self-expressing medium, Yakub Saputra also developed his improvisational skill playing jazz and fusion, performing with Yakub Saputra Trio in many venues while he resided in Houston.


          Yakub Saputra compositions achievement garnered him a 2011 University of Houston Music Composition Scholarship. In 2014 he was invited to attend Cornel School of Music, Shepherd University on a Full Ride Scholarship, studying Jazz Piano under Otmaro Ruiz. In Summer 2015, Yakub Saputra went on to Bermuda Tour with HTG and Hannah Eggen.


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